UAG Gives Utah Artists a Grand Showroom in Downtown Salt Lake

January 30, 2015

photo (14)Salt Lake City is full of amazing businesses that fly under the radar.  Sometimes it takes a bit of searching to find these unique places- but when you do, it’s like discovering a hidden treasure. Today I wandered into the Gateway Mall and found a gem of a place called Urban Arts Gallery.

When City Creek Mall opened and many Gateway shops moved over to this new mall, UAG moved into The Gateway. This non-profit art gallery searches out Utah artists to install their art and sell their goods. The store is a mix of large-scale art installations and retail items. With artwork from over 30 Utah artists, they sell handcrafted goods like pottery, jewelry, cool t-shirts, and silk-screened ties.   There are some unusual items too, like baby doll head tea cups and small, strange, sculptural art-pieces.

As part of the Utah Arts Alliance, The Urban Arts Gallery sees itself as more than an art gallery; they consider the space a community center for the arts. This gallery has weekly events, live music, performance art and they participate in the downtown gallery stroll on the third Friday of every month.

Starting this year, they will be hosting famous national artists to teach workshops and art classes to eager minds. Check out their website, sign up for their mailing list, or better yet, wander in and check out what’s going on down there!

We are thrilled to have this incredible art space in downtown Salt Lake City!


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