Salt Lake’s New, Hip Watering Hole

January 6, 2017

Water Witch puts the finishing touches on the emerging block of 9th south

Water Witch spirits cocktail

Water Witch boasts an impressive collection of spirits

This just in, Craft cocktail collective formerly known as Church and State, has opened up a new craft cocktail bar, Water Witch, on the blossoming block of 9th South between 2nd and 3rd West.  Sandwiched between Blue Copper Coffee room and Meditrina (Mediterranean tapas restaurant) on one side and Jade Market (boutique convenience store) on the other, this is turning out to be quite a hip shindig of a neighborhood.  The front door opens up to a clean, modern version of an ideal man-cave. Disco beats spin from the record player behind the bar, while cinder and tile adorn the walls. The bar tending accessories are stored neatly in work shop ready tool boxes.  Water Witch is the brain child of three mixologist extraordinaires, all having extensive bar experience in Salt Lake City and elsewhere.  Steve Neves, Matt Pfohl and Scott Gardener met in 2012 and found they shared a similar vision for spirits in Utah.  The Menu is very basic, stating only beer, wine and spirits.  This may seem strange for a cocktail bar, however this gives complete creative freedom to the bartenders.

They encourage customers to describe flavors and spirits they enjoy and hang on for the ride.  The bartender then recedes behind the counter to concoct a unique drink, tailored specifically to you.   The team at Water Witch hand infuses unique syrups, to use in their cocktails adding another level of individuality to the experience.

Cocktails are artfully presented in wine glasses and beakers.

Water Witch is steeped in Utah mythology

A water witch was an early Utah pioneer, whose vocation was divining the location of ground water through an all but forgotten pseudoscience called dowsing.  This person brought much needed hydration to thirsty pioneers in the new desert landscape they found themselves in.  Fast forward about a hundred and fifty years later, there is a new kind thirst needing quenching, and a new Water Witch to oblige.

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