A Salt Lake Classic: Decades

February 7, 2017


A Perfect Combination of Chic and Thrift

Decades vintage clothing

Even the building has that unique vintage feel.

As of the last few years, downtown Salt Lake City is not experiencing a drought in trend. Dozens of new bohemian hangs, galleries, underground art spaces, clothing stores, restaurants, and high-end cocktail bars are thriving away in the cool local scene. For the hip, young, middle-aged, old, eccentric and every person in between who wants to experience the vintage of the vintage, Decades on State Street is must see if you appreciate all things textured, patterned, colorful, and pleated.

Since opening in 2002, this red brick-walled shop has been packed to the brim with everything you could ever hope to find in a vintage clothing store. The men’s section is stocked with everything from boots to suits, belts, ties, glasses, hats… the list goes on. The women’s is overflowing with colored dresses, hats, feathers, jewelry and shoes. There’s definitely no shortage of frill at Decades, and that’s what makes it such a special place. The melange of textures and colors, and the weirdly-

Mannequin vintage

Truly vintage shopping for a reasonable price.

inviting musty but sweet aroma make for quite a sensory experience.  Even if vintage attire isn’t your everyday style, there is something to be found there for everyone – and it’s inexpensive for the quality of goods.

Whether you’re attending a roaring ‘20s themed party, going as summer of ’69 flower child, a cowboy or cowgirl, or a pinup for Halloween; or looking for somewhere to find some authentic 1980’s clothing to be the new poster child for Area-51’s ’80s dance night – Decades may just be the perfect spot to deck you out. If you’ve got 30 minutes to kill and want to check out some of Salt Lake’s finest, go pay them a visit, (and be sure to speak

Vintage dresses Thrift store

Never again will you be caught wearing the same thing as someone else at a party.

with the owner about the store’s vibrant history)!

Decades is open Monday through Saturday 11AM – 6PM, and Sunday 12PM – 5PM. They are located at 627 South, State Street (just south of the intersection of 600 South and State, on the east side of the street).

Written by Audrey Smith

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