twilight concert series salt lake city

It’s Here! Salt Lake City’s Twilight Concert Series

July 20, 2017

It’s that time of year again. Eager college kids, teenagers and fun loving adults of all ages will descend upon Pioneer Park for Salt Lake City’s, Twilight Concert Series. This downtown summer concert series has an impressive lineup this year- young, fresh and super cool.

First up in the series, on July 20th is the Swedish electronic pop band, Little Dragon.

Little Dragon’s “luxury mood music” will most likely be playing songs off thier 2017 release “Season High.” It’s mellow 80’s vibes will make your hips sway and you may find yourself wearing acid washed shorts and ratted hari- oh wait that’s a thing again..

twilight concert series salt lake city

Electronic pop band, Little Dragon


July 27th: Kurt Vile.

We have a lot of love for Kurt Vile in Salt Lake City and this will be his second Twilight Concert Series show.  Vile’s self deprecating psych-folk inspired rock is perfect for a hot summer day.  We’re really excited to see the opening band, Whitney.  Their 2016 album Light Upon the Lake may have been listened to on repeat for most of 2016… These songs are sweet, lingering and have a vaguely 70’s vibe that will steal your heart.

salt lake city twilight concert series




Kamasi Washington and Antibalas are up August 3rd

Come prepared to dance! Antibalas is a Brooklyn born Afro-beat band that will make you mooove. The other band playing this evening is the great saxophonist, Kamasi Washington. Inspired by the sounds of jazz greats John Coltrane and Miles Davis, Washington takes soul jazz to a modern and sometimes gritty, funk inspired level.

twilight concert series salt lake city antibalas


Ermigod, Solange will be here August 10th

If case you don’t already know- Solange is Beyonce’s baby sister and she’s ah-mazing.  Her artfully crafted songs on her 2016 album A Seat at the Table are blazing with raw energy.  Her lyrics are honest and she’s going to put on an unforgettable show.  Get there early if you want to see the stage.  The kids are gonna crazy for this one.

solange salt lake city twilight series



August 17th, Cat Power

As long time fans of Cat Power, we’re kind of mind blown that she’ll be playing solo on the stage at Twilight.  Chan Marshall’s been blowing the minds of angsty young artists for twenty years and she hasn’t stopped.

cat power salt lake city twilight concert series

Chan Marshall: Cat Power


 August 24th: Andrew Bird



andrew bird twilight concert series salt lake cityAndrew Bird

The season ends with a show that will blow the roof off: Charles Bradley and The Roots

Charles Bradley soul singer extraordinaire will make your heart soar and The Roots will break it down with their amazing beats. Don’t miss this show on August 31st.

twilight concert series charles bradley

Charles Bradley



For more information on the lineup check out Twilight’s website



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