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Salt Lake Real Estate and Downtown SLC: Salt Lake City has big, beautiful plans for a the 900 South Corridor: The 9 Line Trail.

May 13, 2019

Are you considering real estate along the 900 south corridor of Salt Lake or just interested in the development of our beautiful city? Then you should know about these plans and how they could effect the value of your home, real estate property or overall quality of life as a resident of SLC.

Introducing: The 9-Line.

The 9-Line, a development proposal for the 900 south corridor from central 9th to 11th east has been in the works for years and recently the plan has had a big boost thanks to the influx of millions of dollars in new tax revenue coming into Salt Lake City.

What exactly is The 9-Line?

The 9-Line will be “a distinct, attractive and low-stress non-motorized transportation corridor that contributes to a variety of community goals such as recreation, economic development, green infrastructure, placemaking, and mobility.” The corridor will run along 900 South in Salt Lake City.

What does that look like?

Two way, off-street bike paths

New curbs and gutters along 900 south

A roundabout at 900 South and 1100 east

Eventually, a pedestrian and bike friendly trail that connects from west of Redwood Road to Emigration Canyon.

9 line real estate slc

Construction will begin in the 9th and 9th area in 2021 and will gradually spread west to the central 9th neighborhood and beyond. We will see the latest designs in action as the city puts in a concrete street, new curb and gutter, and a roundabout at 900 South, 1100 East, and Gilmer. The most notable aspirations of the project are commitments to traffic calming, pedestrian amenities, and an off-street bikeway (10 ft wide, 2-way, south side).

What could this mean for you as a homeowner or buyer?

Not only will 900 south be a safer and easier road to live on but bike commutes, walking and even driving on this corridor will be a pleasure. You can most likely expect your home value to increase as the city puts millions of dollars into community improvements!

Here’s the Redevelopment Agencies Map of the project.

9 line map slc real estate
Image from SLC Redevelopment Agency

*Information and excerpts from Building Salt Lake.

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