Hello! Bulk Markets In Downtown SLC

April 3, 2019

You will love to say “Hello” to Hello! Bulk Markets in downtown Salt Lake, it’s our city’s first package-free grocery store.

If you’re looking for a way find affordable, sustainable grocery items and can’t stand extra packaging, Bulk Market is a dream come true. As many states, countries and grocery stores phase out single-use plastics, amazing shops like Hello Bulk Markets are on the rise and we’re over the moon to have a store like this in SLC. Bulk Market is for folks who are looking to clean up their consumption by bringing their own bottles, jars or previously used plastic containers to REFILL. You can bring your own bags, olive oil jars, maple syrup containers, dish soap containers, and all kinds of other goods. Simply weigh and refill them.

Shop locally made goods, bulk body care and household cleaners. Reuse and refill!

Hello! Bulk Market’s owner, Jamaica Trinnaman worked for many years in health food grocery stores. As she watched shoppers shop, she always appreciated the die-hard “anti-packaging” shoppers who brought their own containers and filled them with bulk items. But year by year, as some of these stores cut the number of organic items and then bulk items and then resorted to putting them in single use (and toxic) plastic containers, she was disappointed. Seeing that bigger “natural” grocery stores were cutting corners and putting profit ahead of people and of the well-being of the earth, she decided to start a small bulk grocery store with affordable, organic and local items.

bulk market slc downtown

Hello! Bulk Markets just moved into it’s first store on 355 North and 500 west in The Depot District of downtown Salt Lake City.

You can refill your dish detergent or laundry detergent while filling up growlers full of local Kombucha and grabbing healthy, organic refrigerated food items like zoodles and (zucchini noodles), pickled beets and fresh cut fruits. There’s a fresh selection of locally made goods too. Refill dry goods, grains, herbs, teas, coffees, syrups, cooking oils and items for making your own skin care and salves.

Store Hours

Monday – Saturday   8am – 7pm

Sunday   12pm – 4pm


Hello Bulk Markets, 355 N 500 W,  Salt Lake City, UT 84116



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