Escape the Heat: Easy Summer Getaways

July 15, 2016

The best summers are those that are generously long, sleepy and lovely.   In Salt Lake City the days are hot but the nights cool down to the perfect temperature.  It’s pretty ideal.  Still, everyone loves to escape the heat in the middle of the day, be it lounging poolside, escaping up into the mountains or sitting at a cool spot with ample shade, cool drinks and the company of friends.  If you’re anything like us, there’s a feeling right about this time of year that summer will never end- but it will!  And there will be a dozen things you meant to do and places you meant go and didn’t.

So here a few more places to add to your list of easy summer getaways- and don’t drag your little toesies!

Wander through Red Butte Garden

red butte garden salt lake city

Red Butte Gardens is a great escape from the norm.  Wander the herb gardens, have picnic under the shade of the wisteria trellis or in the floral garden and see a superb variety of blooms, trees and if you’re lucky, some wildlife like hawks, deer and the occasional rattle snake.  The views of the Salt Lake Valley aren’t bad either!  If you’re lucky you might be able to score a concert ticket to the Red Butte’s incredible summer concert series

Check out an independent filmtower_salt_lake-thumb-860xauto-42644

When the sun heats up in the afternoon, it’s time to sit in a dark, air conditioned movie theater.  Check out a Salt Lake Film Society flick, one of our locally owned independent movie theaters, where you can feast your eyes on a film that you won’t be able to catch at the Megaplex.  The Broadway is the bigger of the two theaters with several screens and more films and showtimes, but if you want to step back in time, try to find a movie at the Tower Theatre at 9th & 9th.   And if you’re Netflix queue is getting a little stale, you can always check out a movie from the rental store at the front of the theatre.  Yes, they still rent out DVD’s and the selection is incredible.

Go for a sunset hike at Ensign Peak

ensign peak sunset

If you want to see the entire Salt Lake Valley from the Great Salt Lake to City Creek Canyon and the whole valley beyond , this is the place to lace up your sneaks and head up into the grassy hills at sunset. You won’t be let down.

Go swimming, duh.

steiner aquatic center

The swimming at Steiner is an easy spot to hit up mid-week for a sleepy, chill afternoon or on the weekends for excellent people watching, swimming and hang time with friends and fam. They have tons of lounge chairs and a shaded area once you’ve soaked up enough rays.

Liberty Park has a little swimming pool as well and with all of the playgrounds, fountains and surrounding space, it’s a great place to bring the little ones. Pack a picnic and make the day of it.

Go up the Canyons

millcreek canyon

The picnic sites in Millcreek canyon are the perfect place to chill out for the afternoon.  You can head up early, make a nice brunch, drink some bubbly mimosas and let the green trees and cool air soothe your soul.

Or go south to Mt. Timpanogos.  It’s an intense but amazing late summer hike.  The wildflowers, mountain goats and snow fields in those high mountain valleys are something out of a dream.

Head up to Park City to get in an easy hike and check out some restaurants you haven’t been to before.  Handle is delicious.  Tupelo is crazy good.  And High West Saloon is always a great spot to get a nice, cold Moscow Mule.  Ride the funicular at the St. Regis and check out the bar up there.  The outdoor patio is delightful.

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