End of Summer Must Do’s in Downtown Salt Lake

August 28, 2015

We hate to say it, but summer is coming to a close pretty soon here in the bustling heart of Salt Lake City.  You better make these last couple of weeks count!


Here’s our list of things you must do in downtown Salt Lake before Labor Day (or at least before it gets cold)!

  1. This is #1 on our list because it’s the most urgent. Go to a Bees game! The last home game is Thursday, September 3rd! Tickets are cheap and there are some great restaurants in the area to hit up pre-game (see # 5 and 6). Go! Get your sweetheart, best friend or just your sweet self and head down to see a Bees game before the season ends.


  2. Obviously, you should shop at the Downtown Farmer’s Market while it’s still at its peak. Early mornings at the market amongst the fresh, local produce, sweet smelling pastries and those cool farmers, makers and doers are where it’s at.  Whether you’re whisking through to get staples for the week ahead or eating your way through the market, listening to local music and running into familiar faces- it’s one of downtown Salt Lake’s finest places.
  3. Enjoy all of the great outdoor patios at some local eateries. Eat tacos and drink some $4 margaritas at TACOTACO for crying out loud.  The little outdoor patio is perfect for lunch, dinner or after work drinks.  If you’re not in the mood for tacos (which, is unlikely but possible), you can eat next door at Cannella’s and enjoy the same kind of vibe for slightly more $.
  4. Ride your bike, or ride one of the Green Bike’s down 3rd south in those sweet, newish bike lanes stopping at the various bars, coffee shops and vintage stores along the way; Green Ant, Jitterbug Antiques and Current are definite musts.  Get a cocktail at Current and watch the bike cabbies cruise up and down 300 South.  You won’t regret it.bike-taxi
  5. A great pre-baseball game bar and grill is Lucky 13. They’ve won national competitions with their insane hamburgers.  Yes, NATIONAL COMPETITIONS.  If you want to check this out before a game, you might want to be pretty early.  This place gets packed.
  6. Okay, if you’re not in the mood for something so heavy, check out Medetrina’s small plates.  Ahi tuna nachos with watermelon salsa, local cheese board, grilled granny smith apples, roasted beets and chèvre.  Yes, thank you.  I’ll take all of these. Did I mention, it’s right across the street from the baseball stadium?
  7. Oh, yes- of course, we nearly forgot the near one hundred thousand different outdoor and/or athletic activities this city offers…If we’re being strict about staying downtown for your activities, take a long walk up City Creek Canyon while the weather is nice.  Or head up to Red Butte Garden and walk along the shoreline trail.  Once it starts getting cold, you’ll wish you’d spent more time outside!
  8. Last but not least, The Salt Lake City Lantern Festival!  Okay, this isn’t actually downtown but go to this amazing festival on September 11th!  This photo is really all you need to see.

Now book your baseball tickets, call your friends, hop on your bike and get out there to enjoy this beautiful city!


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