Design Inspiration: 5 Design Ideas for the Perfect Loft

February 19, 2015

Whether you have an open, spacious loft or a small space these simple design ideas will make you feel like you’re living in your dream home.


Color goes a long way in decorating and breaking up a space.  Painting nooks and small areas a darker color can break the space up nicely and create contrast in your loft… this image, from DWELL is the perfect example how dark colors create depth.

Spek. Södermannagatan Jimmys hem. Av Jimmy Schönning.

Create Contrast with Color



Light fixtures are extremely important to the overall design of your space!  We could write an entire book on this subject- but here are a few facts to take into consideration:

  • Lamps and lower lighting are great for highlighting certain features and creating “mood” lighting for cosy or romantic nights at home.
  • Lighting the walls can make the room seem more spacious.
  • Local pools of soft-edge light around furniture can create a mood of intimacy.
  • Glitter and a sparkle from cut crystal or polished metal add a layer of festivity!
  • Highlighting the ceiling with indirect lighting will make the room seem a bit more formal, as well as more spacious.
  •  Highlighting a rug on the floor with downlighting is likely to make it cozier; but downlighting directed onto a glossy surface such as a glass top table or marble floor is likely to weird, eye catching reflections.
repurposed crystal decanter light fixture pendant

Good Lighting is Essential



loft design ideas inspiration and vertical storage

Vertical Cabinets and Bookshelves Create Space

Make the most of your space! Most lofts have high ceilings.  Make the most of the space with taller, narrower storage cabinets and bookshelves!



While we’re on the subject of storage we should mention how Japanese organization guru, Marie Kondo, maximizes space in linen and clothing closets and dressers by rolling clothes and linens.  Whether you have limited space or a lot of it, this could be a great option to keep yourself organized, happy and zen.

Tidy up, ideas for organizing your loft

Roll your Clothing and Linens



Create Balance

Balance out open spaces and open, industrial spaces with softness.  Decorative, rugs, pillows, and artwork go a long way!  Create contrast with warm, wood furniture, green plant-life and your favorite books.

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