Caffe d’Bolla: Salt Lake City’s Coffee Veteran

December 6, 2016

Caffé d’Bolla is a one of Salt Lake City’s coffee veterans

coffee salt lake city

Every coffee shop needs a beautiful espresso machine

Salt Lake City has some truly amazing café’s and coffee shops.

Places like Publik Coffee Roasters and The Rose Establishment have become big names in the budding scene.  However, one of the first and (in our humble opinion), best third-wave coffee shops happens to be a small one man operation on 400 south between 200 and 300 east.  Caffé d’Bolla is owned and operated by John Piquet, a locally known coffee genius.

The shop specializes in an obscure method of brewing coffee that seems to be straight out of a steam punks day dream. It’s called Siphon Brewing.   To get a bit technical, the method operates on the pressure created from boiling water which in turn pushes the hot water up into the brew chamber.  John Piquet, also the sole barista, has been perfecting this art for over 12 years.

Who knew Coffee could have such complexity!

The approach at d’Bolla is similar to that of tasting fine wine, actively tasting the nuances present in the coffee. Even the vessels influence is on the palate is accounted for.  The coffee is served in wide rim china cups, allowing for maximum aromatic release. Upon ordering a siphon brew, John advises you allot a half hour to fully experience the beverage.  Along with the purchase of a coffee comes a brief introduction into the history and science of this particular method.  In addition to his work as a Barista, Mr. Piquet sources and roasts all of his own beans.  The coffees served at the café are all chosen prudently by John.  The quality of the beans at the cafe, are of utmost importance. It is wonderful to see coffees being served that are grown with sustainability and integrity.  The attention to detail from the coffee beans, through roasting, and finally presentation is apparent when sipping a fresh cup.

coffee salt lake city

The siphon process is reminiscent of day in science class

With a full espresso menu, Caffé d’Bolla is a great stop for a quick coffee to go or a longer fine coffee experience.  The location for Caffe d’Bolla couldn’t be better, situated right in downtown Salt Lake City, right across from the public library.  So whether you are on your way to work or to study at the library, stop in and check out Caffé d’Bolla.  You will not be disappointed!

Caffe d’bolla is located at 249 East 400 South, Suite 100, Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Hours:  MondaySaturday : 9:00 am to 6:00 pm


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