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A Look at Grover, Utah Boulder Mountain and Surrounding Areas

December 2, 2020

This year we started visiting an area in Grover, Utah right at the base of Boulder Mountain. Then we decided to take on some real estate listings in the area because we simply fell in love with the landscape and life in this quiet southern Utah nook.

We’ve been exploring a bit and we’re finding some of the areas best offerings. From outdoor activities, to dining, grocery stores and other things that make a place interesting and lovable. Grover and this Boulder Mountain area have a to offer.

First on our list of great things about the area, is that it’s forty-five minutes from a James Beard, nominated and finalist restaurant called, Hell’s Backbone Grill.

We’ve eaten there a couple times and it’s an amazing experience. From the food to the atmosphere to knowing that you’re eating locally sourced, organic vegetables (many of them grown right there on the six-acre farm), and local grass-fed meat.

“Jen Castle and Blake Spalding are our chef-owners and operate the restaurant following Buddhist principles, with a commitment to sustainability, environmental ethics, and social and community responsibility. “

Hell’s Backbone serves fresh, seasonal dishes like this Spring Carrot Soup.

Second, third and fourth on our list is Boulder Mountain’s amazing recreation. Fishing is fabulous in this region and the small lakes, beaver ponds and streams. The pristine, clean mountain water is well stocked with Cutthroat Trout,Brook Trout, Brown Trout and Cutbow and we’ve read that “Boulder Mountain is famous for elusive trophy-size trout.”

boulder mountain utah

For hiking and sightseeing, you can head in just about any direction to find great trails and views. The Boulder Mountain area has tons of established trails. Capitol Reef National Park is just to the North of the Grover area with amazing hikes throughout. And Grand Escalante is just to the South where you can find incredible Native American Indian ruins and petroglyphs, hiking in numerous slot canyons, the incredible Calf Creek Falls hike to an ice cold waterfall cascading over red rock cliffs, and countless other options.

Calf Creek Falls
A view of Capital Reef
Escalante Grand Staircase National Monument

If you’re into ATV’s, there are many trails in the area to head out on an adventure. Horseback riding trails are also abundant!

Fifth on out list is the town of Escalante. In the busy season, it’s a cool, outdoors-oriented little town with a handful of great restaurants. There’s a health food store, grocery store, liquor store, outdoor gear stores, coffee shops and other low key, quality shops. Escalante seems to have a growing population of seasonal residents and city folks looking for a different lifestyle.

The town of Grover is a quiet community with famous, The Hale Family Community Theater who puts on several productions each year. Like many of the small towns in this area, Grover is slowly turning into a vacation spot as more folks visit the area to recreate in all of the amazing surrounding natural areas. Grover is nestled in a small, beautiful valley between Boulder Mountain and Capitol Reef. It’s just the right spot to have access all of these amazing areas.

We have three recreational properties available in Grover. They are designated building sites and there is a builder in the area, ready to go with CC&R’s for quality construction, sustaining value, and low environmental impact. One of the properties already has a well built in 2020 and there is electricity on one of the surrounding plots… There is a 4.6 acre parcel for sale, a 5.2 property for sale and an 8.5 acre property for sale. Take a look and give us a call at (801) 604-6440 or email

Lot 4 is 8.5 acres. Have a look!

An image taken looking onto the 8.5 acre parcel in Grover, Utah .

Lot #1 is situated on 5.2 acres. Find out more.

A 4.6 acre property in Grover, Utah.

Lot 3 is 4.6 acres and has a new well built in 2020 with good water.

Take a look!

An 4.6 acre property in Grover, Utah.

Curious about these real estate listings in Grover, Utah? Give us call or send us an email. (801) 604-6440 or email

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