At Home in Salt Lake: 2016 Home Design Trends

May 7, 2016

At Home in Salt Lake: 2016 Home Design Trends

Spring has sprung in the Great Salt Lake Valley and it’s a good time for spring cleaning, garden planting and refreshing your home decor.   As we review this year’s design trends we noticed a stylish and well timed retreat to all thing down to earth and family oriented.

Mixed Materials are Taking Over:

In high use areas like kitchens and bathrooms, designers are pulling out all the stops on the ways they are using different materials to create well balanced masterpieces.  Think smooth, polished stone next to worn in barn wood or sleek white subway tiles next to rough cut stone and you’ll catch the drift.

kitchen 1

Move into Your Bathroom:

Bathrooms that feel more like living spaces and less like utilitarian cells are making us very happy this year.  Try putting a cosy chair with a blanket slung over the back and magazine rack in one corner, or if you have room, really go for it with a coffee table covered in your favorite reading materials.  If your bathroom won’t allow for furniture, fresh flowers on the back of the toilet go a long way.  Or, try hanging an extravagant light fixture, such as a chandelier in place of your old light fixture.


Going Back in Time:

This year, designers are inspired by the old days, you know, back before we were all staring slack-jawed at their cell phones.  That’s right. Tech-less living rooms are hip, okay?  So consider taking that television out of the space and filling the area up with books, turntables and conversations with your loved ones.  Get connected – without technology. You know you want to.



Home is Where the Hearth Is:

The hearth of the home has always been a gathering place for friends and families.  While fireplaces have never gone out of style, they are certainly becoming more of a focus in design and we think its a good thing.  Consider arranging furniture around the fireplace to set it off as a main feature of the room.  Whether or not you have a working fireplace, it’s a strong focal point and a natural place to gather.


Get Formal:

Formal dining rooms are back people.  Consider moving your laptop and miscellaneous paperwork out of the dining area and back into the office because it’s time to dine in style.  Design is focusing on family, connection and old world class.  So dig out those candles and make dinner, your friends and family will thank you.Formal-Dining-Room-Chairs-Leather

Mix and Match Kitchens:

It’s a great time to update your kitchen.   This years kitchen design trends are bold and down to earth and slightly mismatched.  Whether you want to keep the design of the cabinets the same but mix up the colors or put different styles in all together-the possibilities for kitchen design are pretty endless.  So, get creative and think eclectic and you’ll be in sailing into summer in total style.



More 2016 interior design trends can be found at Houzz.

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